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Welcome To Paranormal Society Of India

Ghosts: What Are They?

Do you believe in ghosts? The many thousands of reports from all over the world leave little doubt that haunting experiences are quite real. But what causes them and why?

YOU’VE SEEN THEM depicted in movies, read stories of their unnerving activities and have seen television shows and documentaries sensationalizing them. You have probably seen rare photos of them and have likely heard of first-hand ghostly encounters from friends and relatives. I receive dozens of reports from readers every month. Perhaps you have even seen a ghost yourself.
But what are ghosts? I’ll give you the answer straight out: No one knows for certain.
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16 Signs That Your House Is Haunted

How do you know if that persistent rapping on your walls is bad plumbing or a mischievous spirit? Here are some of the signs of a haunting.You hear heavy footsteps in the upstairs hallway when you know no one is up there. Doors slam unaccountably. Commonly used items disappear and reappear without cause. The kitchen light turns on by itself. There’s the unmistakable scent of a strange perfume in the air. These may be indications that your house is haunted.

Paranormal Investigation Protocol

Set up an interview time and location that is convenient for the witness. When possible, meet at the location where the experience took place. The witness will be able to show you exactly where the event occurred and other pertinent information at the venue.

Why Is The Unexplained ?

A thought experiment on why many aspects of the paranormal – from ghosts to UFOs – remain elusive and unexplained.The mysteries of the paranormal seem to have been with people are long as there have been people. Ghosts and UFOs have been described and reported for thousands of years. Psychic phenomena for probably just as long. Creatures like Bigfoot and Loch Ness-type sea monsters have been documented by credible witnesses for at least hundreds of years.


Govind Kumar (Founder & Chairman)

He born in a middle class hindu family. As from his childhood he is different from others.After completing his graduation he decided to remove superstition from our society. Govind kumar is involved in mumbai film industry and he was worked with so many production houses. He did production in so many hit films. As interest in paranormal he started his career as psychic and lead investigator and in year 2010 he establish paranormal society of india(PSI)…

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