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About Us

About P.S.I

Paranormal Society of India has been a non-profit paranormal assembly devoted to practicing of the scientific method in documentation of paranormal phenomena for over 07 years. Our assemblage combines the fundamentals of modern technological equipment, scientific methods as well as psychic ability. PSI purpose is to study the paranormal, research the field and to assist individuals who are unable to deem or understand what lies outside our existing sight. Through this, our ultimate achievement is to build a laboratory that will assist field investigators and lab technicians with proper tools to be able to recreate paranormal activity and have the findings recorded for scientific analysis.
PSI respects the privacy of our clientele honoring the wishes of the client with the utmost importance and sincerity. It is our obligation to protect those who wish not to be exposed by media or any other demonstrations of exploitation. Trust and confidence are essential in addressing the paranormal. We are a team of researchers located in All Over INDIA that believe in professionalism . Our reports are designed to show our scientific methods of analysis and are made public to other Paranormal Investigators around the world.
PSI is dedicated to understanding as much of the imperceptible as possible in as short a time as we have in this lifetime. Our reports are learning tools for others and ourselves. Please inspect them and critique them. That’s how we learn. Our motto: ‘Moving forward with an open mind, we will attempt to comprehend the unknown’